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Genie Aerial Work Platform in Thailand

1st May 2009

Genie Access Platforms in Thailand 

Bangkok Shock!

Having recently received an order from a British company in Bangkok, Thailand, Working At Height's Ottie Whittle was sent to commission a number of Genie access platforms. It was no shock to Ottie that the machines were very well received, but working in 40 degrees of heat and 90% humidity did come as a shock, Ottie says 'I could have changed the company name to 'Working In Heat', it is no surprise that Bangkok in May is extremely hot but having to work in it was very difficult'. 

The customer Peter Curry commented 'Ottie did a great job here and I was impressed with how he quickly adapted himself to the training program once he realized that 90% of his class didn't speak English, everything went without a hitch, I was nervous that the Genie AWP's wouldn't fit through the door openings here, but we soon put that to rest, all of the participants gained a lot from the training and are now like kids with a new toy, watching them using the platforms shows that they took in all that was taught during the training, the Genie access platforms are just what we required here and thanks to Ottie we are confident that we will get the best out of them'.

Working At Height Limited have vast experience in supplying powered and bespoke access platforms in the UK, this order from the Far East shows that the business knows no borders and will travel throughout the world to ensure that their customers are satisfied and have the same level of customer care and support that they have come to expect in the UK

Georgina Turner of Working At Height says 'we intend to service British companies based overseas and seek new business internationally, we have the know how and enthusiasm to break new ground outside of the UK'


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