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Genie AWP and Stairclimber Access All Areas

3rd March 2008

Powered Stairclimber, stairclimber for Genie AWP access platform
Access All Areas With The Genie AWP And Stairclimber

Press Release

If you have ever visited a church or cathedral, gazed up at the ceiling and wondered how on earth the maintenance staff get up there, the answer is that they may well be getting a helping hand from a Genie!

Working At Height recently supplied a Genie AWP access platform to both Westminster and Rochester Cathedrals to enable maintenance personnel to change light bulbs in these tall and awkwardly shaped edifices, much as in a warehouse or other industrial building with high ceilings. Unlike factories and warehouses however, cathedrals do not have flat floors and ceilings and moving access platforms easily around the sites was clearly going to present problems.

Working At Height Limited came up with the solution and supplied a PowerMate powered stairclimber along with a Genie AWP access platform as a total package.

The PowerMate stairclimber has enabled staff to manoeuvre the access platforms- which can weigh in excess of 350kgs - anywhere in and around the cathedral with minimal manual handling effort and in complete safety. Thresholds, steps, narrow passages and even low archways can be negotiated thanks to the versatility and functionality of the powered stairclimber.

Working At Height's Marketing Manager is enthusiastic: "We sell the Genie AWP access platform and the PowerMate as a package. It has proved a real success in enabling clients to utilise access platforms much more effectively in what you might call ‘non-traditional' environments. Certainly you can now use a Genie AWP access platform in pretty much any situation where you need to work at height."

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March 2008

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