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Our range of Vertical Mast Booms are the ideal for difficult- to-reach areas where up and over access is required. 

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Vertical Mast Booms offer supeior up and over access in the tighest of spaces making them ideal for working at height in confined or congested work areas. Telescopic masts elevate directly to working heights of between 6 to 10 metres  and all our vertical mast boom range are driveable at full height.
Vertical Mast Booms can be used both outside and inside, where their non-marking tyres do not leave marks and respect all types of floor surface. Their compact size and zero tail swing means they can work in any area where the chassis fits and the 3 metres of outreach makes them a highly versatile access platform.
If your requriment is for vertical access only, we offer a range of compact, self-propelled Runabouts and Stock Picking Access Platforms. These compact powered access platforms are driveable at full height and are ideal for general maintenance tasks and for  inventory stock-picking

Genie GR-20J

Genie GR-20J

WORKING HEIGHT: 7.70 m (25 ft 3 ins)
The Genie GR-20J and GR-26J, the latest additions to its versatile and popular...

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Genie GR-26J

Genie GR-26J

WORKING HEIGHT: 9.90 m (32 ft 6 ins)

The Genie GR-26J is one of the latest additions to the versatile and...

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