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Bespoke train access steps and train maintenance steps can also be provided, all made to your exact specification.
In addition to access platforms, we can supply you with rail pit boards, train door safety bars and train shore supply platforms, all designed to assist you in reaching depot infrastructure such as lights and other services at high level. Any issue when working at height on and around trains can be made safe with the correct advice and product.  Allow us to help eliminate the risks associated with working at height at your rail depot.

TRAIN Access Platforms

Reaching all parts of a train when in the depot is now a necessity.  Air-conditioning units on train roofs, electronics in doors, glass replacement, wiper changes, and train modifications all require a safe means of access.  
Working At Height has vast experience in advising on, and supplying access platforms for train maintenance. The train maintenance industry is one of the safest in the UK and we are proud to say that our staff have been at the forefront of the great strides made in helping to make it safer.  


We have helped to make access to trains extremely safe by designing new types of access platforms for the latest applications and specifications required by 21st century rolling stock.
We can supply GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic) insulated access equipment for use under ground, above ground and in depots when it is necessary to work near overhead lines or live equipment.
We provide safe access solutions for front of train access, side of train access and train roof access.